Regulacje prawne w innych krajach (przykłady)

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control IPPC H4 (projekt do konsultacji w 2009)
   Formularze 1
   Formularze 2

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control, DRAFT 2002, Horizontal Guidance for Odour H4;  
IPPC H4 Part 1 – Regulation and Permitting;  fragment:
 Zalecane kryteria zapachowej uciążliwości; - załącznik 6, strona 54  
IPPC H4 Part 2 – Assessment and Control (DRAFT 2002)

The Offensive Odor Control Law in Japan

Odor Index Regulation and Triangular Odor Bag Method (Japan)

Dutch Legislation on Ammonia and Odour, 2008 

Ministerstvo životního prostředí (MŽP); Regulation No.356/2002 Coll. of the Ministry of Environment which specifies the list of pollutants, general emission limits, way of conveying news and information, determination of quantities of emitted pollutants, dark shade of smoke, admissible degree of bad smell irritation, smell intensity, conditions of authorization of persons, demands on keeping operating records of air-polluting sources and conditions of their application.

Environment - Israel; Odour Nuisance,  New Procedures Released for Public Comment; Contributed by The Levinson Environmental Law Firm,  June 25 2007

Odour policies, regulations in Australia and abroad

Anteproyecto de ley contra la contaminación odorífera de Cataluña

Odorous emissions and immissions management policy in Turkey

DĖL Lietuvos higienos normos HN 121:2010;  „KVAPO KONCENTRACIJOS RIBINė VERtė gyvenamosios aplinkos ore“ IR KVAPŲ KONTROLĖS GYVENAMOSIOS APLINKOS ORE TAISYKLIŲ PATVIRTINIMO,  2010 m. spalio 4 d. Nr. V-885